17 Key Credibility Markers for Aviation Salespeople

Why are Credibility Markers important for aviation salespeople?


Ideally, the world would be a perfect meritocracy and every decision would be made after carefully considering all relevant information.

Unfortunately, customers may not know as much as they should about the products and services they’re researching.  And they’re busy.


So they may subconsciously use a “shorthand” for a first impression about how credible a person is, and how much weight they should place on his or her advice.


Many of the people who seek our help in aviation marketing and personal branding are concerned about credibility markers.


They find that their competitors are being quoted in industry magazines, asked to speak at events, and most importantly, and are able to sell their products and services with a lot less resistance.




In many cases, it is not because their competitor ACTUALLY has more authority, credibility and expertise, but because that person has more PERCEIVED authority, credibility and expertise.

“It’s not my style to blow my own horn,” said one client who we won’t name, “But I can see how customers, who haven’t studied our company and our competitors, might jump to the conclusion that <<the other guy>> is more credible.   Things have improved a LOT since we started accomplishing a few of the more obvious markers.”


Credibility Markers for Aviation Salespeople:

Here are a few of the things that aviation salespeople can do to be seen to have more authority, credibility and expertise.

  1. Write a Book.
  2. Publish a Press Release
  3. Give a Presentation or be a Guest Speaker or Panelist.
  4. Build a Social Media Audience.
  5. Be a guest on an aviation podcast.
  6. Host a podcast.
  7. Create live videos
  8. Make sure your website is clean, current & correct.
  9. Host a webinar, class or workshop on your topic.
  10. Join/be active in associations
  11. Form strategic alliances
  12. Ask for, and publish testimonials
  13. Ask for reviews on Yelp, Google or Facebook (or endorsements on LinkedIn)
  14. Use Before/After examples or Case Studies
  15. Publish a Buyer’s Guide, Checklist or Tip Sheet.
  16. Write the Five Key Stories Every Aviation Company Must Tell.
  17. Win industry awards.

Make Your Credibility Markers More Visible  (Without Bragging)

Lions don’t need to roar.

You’ve probably acquired some of these markers, but it’s also important to make sure people SEE them. The more visible your credibility markers are, the less you have to talk about them.


Credibility marker - publish a book

For example,  ensure your book is available from Amazon and has reviews from people who have read it, even if you serve a very small niche and are not likely to reach New York Times Bestseller status.  Put a link to your book on Amazon (or your local bookseller, if you prefer) on your email signature line.   We give away more books than we sell, but many people searching for “aviation marketing” or “Aviation social media” on Amazon will find us through our book.

You can put logos together from outlets that have published your press release and include it on your website, or incorporate them into a brochure that you send to prospects and customers as part of a new customer welcome package or an annual update package.   You can include them in the footer of your website or newsletter.  You can feature them on your social media profiles.

The more visible you make your credibility markers,  the less you have to talk about them.

Credibility Markers - Wall of Sold Planes

JetBrokers hung photos of each aircraft they sell in their office.  (Until the frames were discontinued, and they ran out of wall space! ) Brokers like Jeremy Cox who use this office to chat with clients (or prospective clients) hardly need to mention the success record of the firm.

Credibility markers

This hallway of credentials and award in Turbines Inc’s office in Terre Haute leaves little doubt about their qualifications as visitors enter.

This hallway of credentials and award in Turbines Inc’s office in Terre Haute leaves little doubt about their qualifications as visitors enter.

Key Takeaways for Credibility Markers

  • Make the Credibility Markers you have already accomplished more visible.
  • Choose any three and make plans to accomplish them in the next 90 days.
  • Make plans to accomplish ALL (or most) of them over the next three years.


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