Aviation Prospecting that Absolutely Works

If you sell B2B products or services  in the aviation industry, you already know that your prospects are some of the best-protected executives on the planet. They might as well be in a castle with knights and a moat and vats of boiling oil.

But, there IS a way to prospect to them.

It’s not easy, and it’s not particularly fun – it involves research, customizing templates and outlines, and making calls and writing messages and emails on a timetable for a minimum of 15-30 days for each batch of prospects.

Just like getting in shape by following an diet and exercise program or the instructions of a personal trainer, it will absolutely work.

Sadly, sitting on the couch and eating those Valentines chocolates while LISTENING to your personal trainer doesn’t have the same effect!

That’s the plan I want!  🤣 💕 🍫

But in both cases, there is no easy button.

But, I WILL share what really works!


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmQUY-NTovg[/embedyt]


Aviation Industry Prospecting


  1. Global Aviation Infrastructure LLC

    Thanks for the post. Looking for this for very long time.

    • Paula Williams

      Glad we were able to help! Thanks for your comment.


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