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John and Paula Williams
Paula Williams with Charlie, a Cessna 172

We’re Paula & John Williams, marketing consultants in the aviation industry.

We started offering aviation sales courses to help our clients maximize the value of the leads and prospects that our marketing strategies and tools were bringing in for them.

Leads and prospects are NOT helpful if you don’t close sales!  And most aviation industry sales are complex, trust-based, B2B transactions, so it takes a good salesperson or consultant to help the customer make a good choice, and sign that check.

Paula and John Williams


Our Courses

Aviation Sales Fundamentals On-Demand

Aviation Sales Fundamentals - On-Demand!

Outcomes of Aviation Sales Fundamentals On Demand:

  • Take this course from anywhere in the world, complete lessons from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Be comfortable and look like you belong in any sales setting (trade show, sales presentation, online, etc.)
  • Confidently and effectively handle inbound sales calls.
  • Create a strong first impression and quickly build rapport with a new prospect.
  • Use LinkedIn for prospecting.
  • Use other social media effectively as part of the sales process.
  • Have a Top Ten List of Most Wanted Prospects, with an approach plan for each.
  • Know how to calculate key sales numbers.  (Cost per lead, cost per consultation or demo, cost per sale)
  • Know how to successfully make connections at trade shows.

Our Latest Posts

LinkedIn Personal Profile Workshop

LinkedIn Personal Profile Workshop

Many of the aviation professionals I talk to cringe when I ask about their LinkedIn personal profile. "Oh, I haven't updated that in awhile." Okay. But if you're in B2B sales or aviation sales, MANY decision makers and other people you do business with will look you...

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How to Introduce Yourself

How to Introduce Yourself

“Please introduce yourself!” We see this on social media groups, hear it in Zoom meetings and networking events. We all know this is a very common, vital and important request. And still, we freeze, look at our shoes, and fiddle with the camera. We're going to fix...

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Is it manipulative to have a sales strategy?

Is it manipulative to have a sales strategy?

A young lady asked me in one of our workshops: "Why do I have to follow this (or any) sales process? Isn't it manipulative to have a sales strategy? Why can't I just let the customer call me if he wants the product or service I sell, ask the questions he wants to...

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