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Free training, professional courses, and one-on-one sales coaching options for aviation sales professionals.
John and Paula Williams
Paula Williams with Charlie, a Cessna 172

We’re Paula & John Williams, marketing consultants in the aviation industry.

We started offering Aviation sales courses to help our clients maximize the value of the leads and prospects that our marketing strategies and tools were bringing in for them.

Leads and prospects are NOT helpful if you don’t close sales!  And most aviation industry sales are complex, trust-based, B2B transactions, so it takes a good salesperson or consultant to help the customer make a good choice, and sign that check.

Paula and John Williams

Our Courses

Aviation Sales Basics Course

Aviation Sales Certification Course – Part I – Aviation Sales Basics

Nothing happens until somebody sells something.  Whether you work in an FBO, MRO, or charter company, or whether you’re a broker, component manufacturer, software developer, doctor, lawyer, consultant, or other professional, you’re in sales.

To be successful (and to make a living!) you have to sell your products or services; or at least sell your ideas.

Since you HAVE to do  sales, you might as well get good at it!


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We’re here to help you sell more products and services – whether you need a course, some advice about a sticky spot in your sales process, or some fresh ideas to help you outmaneuver a competitor, we can help get the problem sorted and get you on the way to MUCH better sales results! Select any available time from our calendar, and let’s talk!

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