Aviation Sales Certification Course – Part I – Aviation Sales Basics

"Unless you're a Supreme Court Justice or a tenured University Professor, you're in sales."

- Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Nothing happens until somebody sells something.  Whether you work in an FBO, MRO, or charter company, or whether you're a broker, component manufacturer, software developer, doctor, lawyer, consultant, or other professional, you're in sales.

To be successful (and to make a living!) you have to sell your products or services; or at least sell your ideas.

Since you HAVE to do  sales, you might as well get good at it!

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Aviation Sales Basics Certification Course – Part II – Building Relationships

"It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know!"

- Anonymous

Some people say that aviation is a "gated community."   There are insiders, and then there's everyone else. 

The second question that people ask us, after "what do you do?" is "who are you doing business with?" This is because they want to know who you have relationships in common with. 

This module includes a breakdown of how to go from obscurity to trusted denizen of the gated community. 

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February 1, 2018

Aviation Sales Basics Certification Course – Part III – Sales Systems for the Aviation Industry

Why are sales systems important?

Just like flying, sales requires checklists and systems. 

Your life depends on ensuring no steps get missed when you preflight an airplane.  Your revenue (and possibly your sanity) depend on ensuring no steps get missed when you're making sales.

In our industry, particularly for many very specific products and services, there is a limited number of prospects, so you simply can't afford to mess up the process.

February 15, 2018