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Aviation Sales Basics – Starts January 2021

Aviation Sales Basics
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    This Course is In Progress

    “Unless you’re a Supreme Court Justice or a tenured University Professor, you’re in sales.”

    – Rabbi Daniel Lapin

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    Sales and marketing generate the capital that create the power to keep the aviation industry running.

    The industry needs you to be a better salesperson!

    Nothing happens until somebody sells something.  Whether you work in an FBO, MRO, or charter company, or whether you’re a broker, component manufacturer, software developer, doctor, lawyer, consultant, or other professional, you’re in sales.

    Hence, our “best in the industry” or even “only in the industry” Aviation sales course!

    To be successful (and to make a living!) you have to sell your products or services; or at least sell your ideas.

    Since you HAVE to do  sales, you might as well get good at it!

    Aviation Sales Basics – Who Should Participate

    Many aviation professionals from different backgrounds (pilots, mechanics, product designers and engineers) find themselves in sales roles “accidentally.”

    In order to acquire funding or meet company goals, they need to make sales. And they often find it more difficult than they had anticipated.

    It doesn’t have to be that way.



    1. January 14 – Onboarding
    2. January 21 – Your Offer
    3. January 28 – Sound & Video Checkup
    4. February 4 – Role Playing – Setting an Appointment
    5. February 11- Live – LinkedIn Review
    6. February 18 – Role Playing – Presenting Your Offer
    7. February 25- Role Playing – Setting an Appointment with Objections
    8. March 4 – Role Playing – Money Objections
    9. March 11 – Role Playing – Time (I’m Too Busy) Objections
    10. March 18 – Role Playing – Closing the Sale
    11. March 25- Role Playing or Problem Solving – Students’ Choice
    12. April 1 – Wrap-up – Course Final

    Aviation Sales Professional Course


    Outcomes of Aviation Sales Basics (12 Weeks):

    • Be comfortable and look like you belong in any sales setting (trade show, sales presentation, online, etc.)
    • Confidently and effectively handle inbound sales calls.
    • Create a strong first impression and quickly build rapport with a new prospect.
    • Use LinkedIn for prospecting.
    • Use other social media effectively as part of the sales process.
    • Have a Top Ten List of Most Wanted Prospects, with an approach plan for each.
    • Know how to calculate key sales numbers.  (Cost per lead, cost per consultation or demo, cost per sale)
    • Know how to successfully make connections at trade shows.

    One video & quiz will be delivered after each unit.


    Module 1 – Aviation Sales Basics

    Prerequisite For  – Part 2 – Building Relationships in the Aviation Industry

    Prerequisite For  – Part 3 – Sales Systems for the Aviation Industry

    Fees & Requirements

    Fee – $279 charged monthly provides access to current courses.  Aviation Sales Basics (Part 1)  takes 11 weeks to complete.

    Satisfaction absolutely guaranteed.

    Fees include:

    • Online learning center access
    • Private Facebook group for interaction
    • Small group live instruction each week  (Each session is recorded.)
    • Weekly feedback on exercises and assignments
    • Certificates of completion for each Part. (Part 1 – Basics is approx. 11 Weeks, Relationships 8 Weeks, Systems 13 Weeks)
    • Course materials access online
    • Book Club selections
    • Canva Design Studio (for creating advertisements, social media posts, etc.)


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  • Course Syllabus

    Onboarding Week!




    Tools of the Trade



    Money Objections

    Time/Convenience Objections

    Making The Sale

    Problems and Questions


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