Aviation Sales Certification Course – Part I – Aviation Sales Basics

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Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English

About the Course

Aviation Sales Certification Course - Part I - Aviation Sales Basics

Aviation Sales Basics - Who Should Participate -

Many aviation professionals from different backgrounds (pilots, mechanics, product designers and engineers) find themselves in sales roles "accidentally."

In order to acquire funding or meet company goals, they need to make sales. And they often find it more difficult than they had anticipated.

It doesn't have to be that way.

There are three modules, each has eight to twelve individual units with a short video and interactive feature (a quiz or task required to complete the unit.)

Each module ends with a scheduled call with one of our faculty.

  • The first module ends with a  mock incoming sales call
  • The second module concludes with a mock oubound sales call
  • The third module  is a "final" where the participant demonstrates sales activities appropriate to his or her position.

Learn how to:

  • Be comfortable and look like you belong in any sales setting (trade show, sales presentation, online, etc.)
  • Confidently and effectively handle inbound sales calls.
  • Create a strong first impression and quickly build rapport with a new prospect.
  • Use LinkedIn for prospecting.
  • Use other social media effectively as part of the sales process.
  • Successfully make connections at trade shows.

One video & quiz will be delivered after each unit.

Module 1 – Aviation Sales Basics - Welcome to Aviation Sales!

Aviation Basics - Module Final – Schedule a Video Conference Interview – handle a mock inbound sales inquiry
Recording, Grading Checklist & Notes Provided
Pass/Fail with Review Recommendations

Prerequisite For  - Module 2 – Building Relationships in the Aviation Industry

Prerequisite For  -Module 3 – Sales Systems for the Aviation Industry

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 - Welcome to Aviation Sales!
  • Unit 2 – What’s Different About Sales in Aviation?
  • Unit 3 – Aviation Basics – Vocabulary & Concepts for Salespeople from Other Fields
  • Unit 4 – How to Look Like You Belong Here
  • Unit 5 – Personal Branding – How to Look Like You Belong Here - Virtually
  • Unit 6 - Why a Sales System? Building Relationships Rather than Transactions
  • Unit 7 – Tools of the Trade – Inbound Sales Calls – Phone Basics -
  • Unit 8- Tools of the Trade – Videoconferencing – How to Be Effective on Video Calls -
  • Unit 9 – Tools of the Trade – Using LinkedIn for Prospecting
  • Unit 10 – Tools of the Trade – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Etc.
  • Unit 11 – Tools of the Trade - Intro to Aviation Trade Shows
  • Module Final


John Williams
John Williams