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Free, Live Aviation Sales Training in our Private Facebook Group

Join us for our free, live, aviation sales training sessions in our Aviation Sales Challenge Facebook Group!


August 12 – How to Introduce Yourself
August 19 – How to Approach a Prospect on Social Media
August 28 – How to Build Your Network
September 2 – How to Get Past a Gatekeeper
September 9 – How to Close a Sale
September 16 – The September Sales Challenge Kickoff

Sessions will always be at 1:30 PM Pacific, 2:30 Mountain, 3:30 Central, and 4:30 Eastern.

Join us to up your skills each week!

Know someone who could benefit from these trainings? They will need to request approval to join or private Facebook Group. No experience necessary, but aviation industry professionals only, (or those joining us from other industries) please!

No offense, but we don’t want the group flooded with bitcoin, real estate, and MLM folks – there are other groups for that type of sales.

Let me know you recommended them by responding to this email or by messenger, and I’ll invite them!


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