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Case Study – We’re Looking for 30 Pilots or Aircraft Techs to Learn Sales Skills.

✈️  We’re  looking for 30 pilots or technicians who want to start a side hustle or a second career.

If you are a pilot or tech, there has never been a better opportunity to take your expertise and do this.

Aviation Sales Skills Challenge

Click here for a quick interview in Facebook Messenger, to see if you qualify to join the Challenge!

Right now, airlines all across the world are grounding planes for the foreseeable future with the Corona-Chaos… ?

At the same time, aviation companies need to quickly retool their trade show marketing plans to online or in-person sales.

So, the industry is NOT going away, but we all need to adapt.  …

So throughout this period here is what we are about to discover…

Aviation companies can be just as successful when they have skilled, savvy salespeople…

Who know how to target customers, demonstrate products, and host webinars.

And unfortunately most aviation companies don’t know how to do this because it is an entirely different animal. ?

To be a successful salesperson you need to know 3 simple things…

I call them “Big 3” ?  This is how you win. ?

1 – The Basics.  Just as you learned to fly an airplane, there are basic skills for sales.

2 – Relationships.   Your leadership skills will serve you well here, you just need to pivot what you’ve learned managing a crew or a technical team to manage a prospect or a group of prospects.

3 – Systems.  Since we have large transactions that take a long time in the aviation industry, you need to know how to have several deals at play at any given time without missing a detail or a deadline.

Once you know how to execute on these 3 factors, here is what’s possible for you…

? You will outperform any traditional salesperson.

? You won’t be trading your time for money

? You can do this from anywhere in the world

? You will have freedom for you and your family

All while doing what you love as a broker, consultant or entrepreneur, on the side or transitioning to make this your day job. And you get to stay inside the aviation industry that you love.

If you are good at what you do –

The industry needs you to take that expertise and ethics and help companies improve their bottom line.

How do I know all this?

Because when I started my marketing consulting company…

I wasted a ton of time and money because I was a TERRIBLE salesperson.  It can be TERRIFYING for a business owner to discover that you need skilled salespeople!  (Or you need to become one!)

I’ve spent a ton of money on training, most of which was intended for retail or MLM.

I eventually learned how to sell, and was able to bring our business back from the brink and into six figures, but it took me about six years to do it.

So I have taken everything I have learned and built it into a course to show you how you can do the same…

And build your own sales skills much more quickly than I did.

But understand this isn’t easy when you want to play at this level..

Sure there are other salespeople in aviation, and a lot of them are from MLM,  retail, and real estate. People in the industry are more likely to like, trust, and buy from people who really know the industry and really know aviation.

That’s why I have brought forward the launch date of our next course because the industry needs you now more than ever.

? NOTE: This is the ONLY time I will be running this as a case study program where you will be able to be coached be me LIVE all the way through the process to make sure you are successful.

We’re starting with a free, three-day Aviation Skills Challenge, so that we can get to know each other.

To apply to become one of the 30 pilots and techs we take on for this Case Study, Click this link and answer a few quick questions.

Aviation Sales Skills Challenge

Since our challenge uses Facebook Messenger, you must be logged into Facebook to apply.


Paula Williams

Aviation Sales Course Curriculum (Download in PDF)



Aviation Sales Skills Challenge

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